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Acne and Acne Treatment

In the USA, Acne Vulgaris (“vulgaris” is Latin for common) or just Acne, affects over 80% of teenagers, about 50% of adults in their twenties and about 4% of people into their forties.  Over 600 million people were affected by acne globally in 2013 which made it the EIGHTH (!) most common disease on earth. Acne is caused when hair follicles clog with oil from the skin and dead skin cells. 80% of the time, genetics is the culprit in the appearance of acne. Neither diet, smoking, cleanliness or exposure to the sun have been proven to be involved in the onset of acne rather skin with a greater number of oil glands and during puberty, the increase of androgens in the system are often cited as the cause of acne.

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LED Light Therapy

There are many treatment options for acne, one of the most effective is LED Light Therapy.  Also known as heliotherapy or phototherapy,  LED Light Therapy is essentially light administered for a period of time.

LED Light Therapy is used to treat skin conditions such as:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne

Created for NASA, this advanced skin care treatment uses light technology to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, roseacea, broken capillaries and acne. The light emitting diodes stimulate collagen and increase cellular production, helping the skin appear more radiant, plump and smooth. Blue Light therapy kills bacteria while Red Light therapy reduces inflammation, one of the main causes of acne.

Advanced Skin Care offers multiple LED light therapy treatments along with chemical peels and other acne treatments designed specifically for you.


Acne scarring solutions

Light to mid-depth chemical peels offered for acne scarring



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